rich (octobersgaze) wrote,

i'm no artist.

it is nice to feel creative again,
but not crazy.
but they usually come together.

when i am feeling sane,
the ship righted,
the course laid in,
i couldn't do something interesting
for my life.

but when choppy seas and
failing equipment persevere,
when thunderous acts of god tear
my little life into rumsoaked shreds,
begging for a healthy breath of water
to end my weary sorrow,
that is when i feel i could
piss on the mona lisa in the secure
knowledge that I could then replace it
with something much more profound.

but what i really do is text you,
and text you,
and text you,
and it isn't creative,
and it isn't interesting,
but it's a relief,
even when you don't answer,
which is usually.

and i go on with my mania,
and you go on with your secrets,
and the twain don't meet
nearly often enough.
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