rich (octobersgaze) wrote,

lyrics: " Singularity!"

I was made on the day the singularity came, and for a trillion years I travelled through space. In the lonliest corners I waited for the particles and the waves that would one day make up my brain. They joined on one unremarkable day in February '83. Those atoms that they had made were forged in the noblest fire. But over the ages it dimmed and it waned, leaving me so uninspired. Their glory to recreate is my fondest desire. But the universe chose to put me on Earth, where I am cold, bored, and tired.

But oh to be back in the void, a random assortment of dust! Afloat on the winds of a nebula, finally among my brothers. We are all of us the same, the sons and the daughters of stars. All of us are immortal and wise, and blessed and cursed to die. We are blessed and we're cursed to die.
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