rich (octobersgaze) wrote,

lyrics: "don't ask don't tell"

it's a beautiful, beautiful day.
but who cares anyway
when everything beautiful eventually withers away?

what money you've managed to save,
was it worth the price that you paid?
the little indignities of 8000 eight hour days?

summer is coming but i've got a troubled mind.
and i'd look for redemption but i'm frightened of what i might find.
so baby don't ask me if anything's wrong cause i'm fine.
i'm fine.

it's a beautiful, beautiful night.
the air all around me is just right.
but just right or not it is just one more moment in time.

i'd like to grow wings and take flight.
i'd fly 'til i was out of sight.
and everyone would remember with envy me up in the sky.

but my fantasy falters when i realize that i'm bound to the ground.
and i'm more lost than ever and i don't know how to get myself found.
so baby don't tell me the universe is beautiful now.
not now.
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